UFC Horror? Rafa Garcia cut an artery in ridiculously blood soaked win

While there are a lot of things you could criticize UFC for, they employ  a lot of great medical personnel who are there at events to help make sure that the athletes get the first aid required after a cage outing.

Last night, Rafa Garcia left quite an impression with his involvement in the bloodiest bout in recent memory.

Garcia was competing against Hayisaer Maheshate on the undercard of UFC Vegas 66 when he took a huge elbow to the side of his head.

This elbow reportedly resulted in a cut artery – and quite a drastic blood loss.

Maheshate’s elbow sliced open the artery in the second round effectively making Garcia’s blood get all over the both of them.

There was no immediate concern so the two kept at it but UFC staff had quite a hurdle in front of them once the event was over.

Garcia reportedly required 15 stitches and was bleeding for over 2 hours.

Garcia’s teammate Cub Swanson shared a video of the cut that was still bleeding in addition to the update.

The win brings Garcia to 15-3-0 overall, and marks his third win in four bouts.

Many are comparing situation to the injury Gregory Rodrigues sustained against Chidi Njokuani.

Rodrigues sustained a huge cut on the center of his forehead exposing the Supratrochlear artery. Rodrigues felt the effect of the knee that opened him up immediately.

He told media afterwards:
“I remember, I know I was dizzy. [It] was very hard… I was a little like, man, what happened then as the blood started [to] come down… I was kind of blind try[ing] to figure out what happened. But man, like I said, I want to say thank you for my corners bro. My trainers, those guys are amazing, they did an amazing job… they started talking with me and I was [like] no no, let me calm down and I started listening [to them saying] move the legs and stuff like that… And then I think, I need to start something. I need to start like throw my bombs.”

We’re wishing Garcia a quick recovery.