UFC Heavyweight champ stuns provocative interviewer giving her a taste of her own medicine

Tom Aspinall isthe recently crowned interim heavyweight UFC champion at UFC 295. He has found himself at the center of controversy following an explicit question directed at UFC plant turned influencer Nina Marie Daniel during an interview.

Aspinall’s rise to fame after a dominant victory over Sergei Pavlovich has now been overshadowed by the MMA community’s reaction to this controversial incident.

In the interview, Aspinall and Daniel discussed peculiar questions she received during Q&A sessions on Instagram.

However, when Aspinall inquired whether an MMA star had engaged in inappropriate behavior with her, the question was perceived as NSFW, leading to a significant backlash. Despite the contentious nature of the question, Aspinall’s reputation as a gentleman within the MMA community has somewhat mitigated the fallout.

As the third UFC champion from the UK and the firstborn in the country, Aspinall’s victory garnered widespread praise, with Michael Bisping even dubbing him ‘The Heavyweight Georges St-Pierre.’ Jon Jones, the undisputed champion, extended congratulations, and Bisping forecasted a bright future, predicting Aspinall’s potential to become a long-reigning champion and the greatest of the UFC heavyweight division.

The MMA community, typically accustomed to Aspinall’s composed demeanor, reacted strongly to this unexpected turn of events. Aspinall, often regarded as the antithesis of outspoken fighters like Sean Strickland, surprised fans with the NSFW question. Strickland’s character represents a stark contrast to Aspinall’s character. Both, coincidentally, hold UFC championships.

While the incident has generated heated discussions on social media, Aspinall’s credibility in the MMA community remains intact. The unexpected nature of the explicit question has added a layer of complexity to Aspinall’s public image. Whether this controversy will have a lasting impact on his reputation or be overshadowed by future victories remains uncertain.