UFC Hall of famer Mark Coleman is in an induced coma but ‘there’s a sense among family he’ll pull through’

UFC Hall of famer Mark Coleman finds himself in intensive care after valiantly saving his parents from a raging house fire in Toledo, Ohio.

Mark Coleman, a distinguished member of the UFC Hall of Fame Class of 2020, remains in an induced coma as medical professionals closely monitor his condition following the harrowing incident.

The fire erupted around 4 a.m. when Coleman, stirred by the vigilant barking of the family’s loyal dog, Hammer, swiftly sprang into action. Coleman courageously evacuated both his father and mother from the engulfed residence, according to his manager Michael DiSabato. Tragically, Coleman’s valiant attempt to rescue Hammer a third time proved unsuccessful, resulting in the loss of the cherished pet.

Details surrounding Coleman’s collapse remain uncertain, as reports indicate he may have succumbed to the effects of smoke inhalation either inside or outside the burning home. The arrival of firefighters was met with the collapse of the roof, exacerbating the perilous situation.

Coleman, aged 59, was airlifted to a nearby Toledo hospital for urgent medical attention, while fortunately, his parents sustained minor injuries.

Despite the gravity of the situation, Coleman’s family remains optimistic about his recovery, with daughter Morgan Coleman sharing updates on his condition via Instagram.

In a heartfelt post on Facebook, Coleman’s mother, Connie Foos Coleman, expressed gratitude for their survival and sought prayers for Mark’s swift recovery, acknowledging the heroic efforts of emergency responders and the unwavering support of their loved ones.

Coleman’s manager Michael DiSabato said there’s a sense among family he’ll pull through, as per NBC.

The devastating aftermath of the fire was captured in photos shared by DiSabato, revealing the near-complete destruction of the family’s home.


Mark Coleman’s legacy in the realm of mixed martial arts is significant, with his contributions helping to shape and professionalize the sport. From his early days in the UFC to his triumphs in Pride Fighting Championships, Coleman’s journey has been marked by courage and resilience.


Before his transition to MMA, Coleman distinguished himself as an accomplished amateur wrestler, boasting an NCAA championship and representing the United States at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

As the UFC community rallies behind one of its esteemed pioneers, the collective hope remains steadfast for Mark Coleman’s swift and full recovery from this ordeal.