UFC Hall of famer makes a bid to enter Powerslap league

UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman has shown interest in competing in Dana White’s upcoming Power Slap League.

Coleman is one of the most iconic men to have ever stepped into the Octagon. He is a pioneer in many aspects of the game. Not only is he credited with developing ground-and-pound, but he is also the first-ever UFC Heavyweight champion.

The “Hammer” asked Dana to get him involved in the league. He requested him to make him one of the catchers for the league, while he also prepares to be a slapper in one year’s time.

“Let’s go, I’m the Catcher. I will be a slapper when prepared. Give me a year to train.”

Coleman, who’s 58 now, has suffered from many health problems over the years.. However, this shows that he is another UFC veteran in an uncertain financial situation.

The Power Slap League has generated a lot of negative interest from the MMA community,. This is in part due to Dana White’s recent controversy, in which he slapped his wife.

It’s practically unheard of, that a network would air a Power slap competition with the head of the organization filmed slapping his wife the same month it airs.

Many UFC fans are jaded about how heavily UFC’s social media profiles have been promoting the ‘sport’.

Power Slap league also has to contend with very serious problems with the ruleset. It’s unavoidable that whoever goes first has a massive advantage. Not to mention the fact that despite the benign name, there was a fatality at a slapping competition last year.

UFC has chosen to employ another longtime veteran in the organization – Forrest Griffin. Griffin is to be the official ‘head catcher’ in the organization. Griffin is one of the only legacy hires UFC had kept on after the sale. The organization ended up sacking Stephan Bonnar, Chuck Liddell and a number of other veterans.

Power slap league has delayed it’s schedule by a week when White’s scandal surfaced. It is currently set to make a debut on 18th of January.