UFC Hall Of Famer B.J. Penn: CTE Is A ‘Lie To Cover Up Murders’

UFC Hall of Famer B.J. Penn has once again voiced his controversial perspective on CTE.

B.J. Penn is a notable figure in the world of mixed martial arts, and holds the remarkable distinction of clinching world titles in two distinct weight classes. However, his iconic career has been somewhat overshadowed by a series of perplexing and controversial statements.

Aside from his controversial views on the existence of dinosaurs and COVID-19, Penn has taken a firm stance against CTE. It is a neurodegenerative ailment associated with recurring head trauma.

Athletes engaged in contact sports like football, MMA, and boxing face a significant risk of exhibiting symptoms of CTE. This condition manifests in four stages, typically emerging eight to ten years after an individual experiences repetitive mild traumatic brain injuries. The symptoms encompass behavioral issues, mood fluctuations, and cognitive difficulties.


B.J. Penn officially retired from the sport in 2019 after a remarkable 18-year career. Many devoted MMA enthusiasts believe that Penn displays signs of CTE in various social media posts, which are occasionally perplexing.

But when confronted about CTE, Penn not only denies experiencing any symptoms but also outright rejects the very existence of the condition.

Penn asserted on Instagram: “Do I have to keep telling you how fake CTE is? Ali, Frazier, Norton, foreman, Hagler, duran, Leonard, and Hearns never had it and they got a million times more than me each. CTE likes are a to cover up murders. Don’t make me tell you again kid.”

After to his unsuccessful foray into politics and his controversial positions on scientific facts, B.J. Penn has become somewhat of a figure of ridicule within the MMA community.

Nevertheless, many devoted fans express genuine concern for his future health. Regrettably, one can only extend assistance to an individual to the extent that they are willing to accept it themselves.