UFC flat earther accuses Elon Musk of censorship and tax avoidance – oblivious of Musk’s stake in UFC parent company

Bryce Mitchell is a UFC featherweight contender but he’s been more and more eccentric by the day.

Recently, Mitchell has taken to social media to call out SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, for his alleged tax evasion and exploitation of subsidies.

In a fiery and emotional Instagram rant, Mitchell did not hold back in his criticism of Musk, even accusing him of turning people away from their faith in God.

This is not the first time that Mitchell has targeted Musk, as he previously criticized Musk’s electric car venture, Tesla, for not being environmentally friendly. However, his recent outburst was focused on Musk’s Mars expenditure project.

Musk Accused of Fooling People with CGI-Made Rockets

According to Mitchell, Musk is deceiving people with videos of CGI-made rockets as part of his Mars project. Mitchell’s beef with the billionaire business magnate took a more intense turn when his previous tweet aimed at Musk was deleted from Twitter, which is owned by Musk himself. The 145-pounder expressed his frustration over the situation, hinting that his words were being censored by the tech mogul.

Controversial Remarks

It is worth noting that Mitchell’s recent controversial remarks about Elon Musk and his SpaceX project may be related to his prior beliefs about the Earth being flat, which deviates from the mainstream scientific community’s views. The featherweight contender’s unorthodox and atypical ideas concerning scientific matters have been the subject of much debate and scrutiny within the UFC and the broader community alike.

It’s worth noting that the tweets remain on his profile, he’s just unaware that the tweets beginning with a mention are found on the replies tab.

Musk is a shareholder of UFC’s parent company and former board member

Endeavor, the owner of WME and UFC, invested in Twitter earlier this year, a source familiar with the matter confirms to The Hollywood Reporter.

Musk is an investor in Endeavor Group Holdings, a talent agency and entertainment company, but stated that he had no role in the company’s operations.

Musk resigned from Endeavor’s board last year.

a photo of UFC owner Ari Emanuel hosing Musk down aboard a yacht off the coast of Greece made the rounds last summer
a photo of UFC owner Ari Emanuel hosing Musk down aboard a yacht off the coast of Greece made the rounds last summer

Endeavor Group Holdings went public in April and raised $511 million in its initial public offering.