UFC Fighter suggests Francis Ngannou might be recovering longer because of a Hair transplant

Hair transplants appear to be somewhat of a trend among UFC fighters. After all we’ve been looking at sketchy hairlines for ages – specifically Kamaru Usman’s and Daniel Cormier’s. But this might not be a vanity thing as much as it is a good opportunity to make some extra cash.

During his downtime due to a knee injury and upcoming surgery Francis Ngannou booked another lucrative sponsorship – for a hair transplant. UFC Heavyweight champion has been posting some interesting promotional shots online. In the shots Ngannou is seen sporting a freshly shaved head as a plastic surgeon outlines his desired hairline. The post is captioned:
“Don’t think I changed my hair style, I’m just working on making it even better ?
I’m not ready to go bald yet, so I took the magic solution from @now.hairtime. Growing up my hair back soon… ?”

Ngannou is predicted to be in recovery for at least 10 months following a knee reconstruction. UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall shaded Ngannou over the cosmetic procedure saying:

“He’s getting two, he’s getting two surgeries then. Because I’ve seen on Instagram he’s getting a hair transplant… If he’s having the knee surgery, then [interim heavyweight title fight]. If he’s going to be out for a little bit longer because of the transplant, yeah, probably not. No interim.”

In spite of what Aspinall would have us believing – it’s unlikely the UFC won’t strip him due to the fact that would cancel out his contract and make him a free agent. Ngannou has been gunning for free agency for several years now with the negotiations with the UFC getting incredibly contentious at times.

Prior to Ngannou, Brazilian bomb Paulo Costa underwent a hair transplant.