UFC Fighter Says Friend is Getting a Tattoo of Her Face After Losing Bet

UFC women’s flyweight fighter Jasmine Jasudavicius  was victorious in her  UFC debut at UFC 270.  Jasudavicius  was featured on the early prelims on January 22nd. She fought three rounds against Kay Hansen and was announced as the winner via unanimous decision.

She earned a chance to compete in the UFC after her victory against Julia Polastri in the DWCS. This perhaps explains why Jasudavicius  was compensated with only $19,790 for her UFC debut ($10,000 to show, $10,000 to win, minus the licensing fee).


Jasudavicius also revealed that she won an exciting bet. Years ago Jasmine  and her friend made a bet that if she made it to the UFC, the friend would get a tattoo of her on her face. The Canadian born fighter promised it would happen soon.

During a talk with BJ Penn, Jasudavicius said that she and her friend already agreed and the two are deciding the tattoo’s design.

“It’s not booked yet but we are going to do it in the very near future, we are just deciding if it should be a cartoon or a real picture of me,” Jasudavicius said.

Getting a tattoo is a simple thing. However, getting a face tattoo is another thing. Jasudavicius understands this and she tried to convince her friend not to do it – it’s just an old bet after all. But her friend is committed.

“I told her she didn’t have to do it but she said it was a bet and I committed to making it to the UFC so she is committing to this. She’s the best for actually doing it,” she added.

As for her next fight in the UFC, Jasmine Jasudavicius said she would fight anyone the UFC gives her. But if she could choose, she said that she wants to fight Casey O’Neill, who is currently sitting on the bottom of the top 15 UFC women’s flyweight ranks.

Previously, Casey O’Neill addressed Jasudavicius on social media and implied that her debut fight was boring. This surely sparked Jasudavicius’ anger. Jasudavicius also believes O’Neill is a good stepping stone for her.

“It’s pretty much whoever the UFC offers. I did have that King Casey O’Neill commented about my fight with a yawn emoji. So, f*ck it, if Roxanne pulls out I want that fight as I know I beat her, I think that would be sick. I would love that opportunity because after I beat her I’m in the top-15 just like that,” she explained.

Jasudavicius started her professional MMA career within WFC back in 2019 and also fought in various promotions before she entered the UFC. She has an MMA Record consisting of 7 wins and 1 loss.

And as for the friend:
“She has come to a couple of my fights now. She’s accepted that she’s getting this tattoo. It’s so funny because it’s just like a known thing with our friends now,” explained Jasudavicius. But hey, what’s a little more ink, right? But wait. “It’s not like she’s tatted up all over and it will just be an additional thing. She only has one other tattoo and it’s going to be so perfect.” (h/t cageside press)