UFC Fighter Reveals Horrifying Experience Following Head Trauma

Women’s bantamweight fighter Bea Malecki revealed a pretty scary experience she had following a head injury 6 months ago. Bea Malecki fought Josiane Nunes in August 2021. This was her third fight in the UFC. She suffered a brutal knockout in the last second of the first round.


Malecki opened up about her condition and revealed some scary details about her brain health after that concussion.

Her brain health problems started after her victory against Veronica Macedo in 2020. She had weird headaches after every sparring session and she felt herself getting slower especially while performing cognitive tasks. She only sparred 3 times following her fight against Josiane Nunes due to her worsening condition.

Things got worse after the knock out she suffered against Nunes. At this point the damage is so severe that she started mixing up words while talking or saying the wrong words. She also finds it hard to spell words that she had been familiar for her whole life.

Bea Malecki admitted that she made a mistake fighting against Nunes in that condition and she regretted that she didn’t follow her gut feeling.

Due to her condition Bea Malecki has no plan to return to the octagon. She is committed to trying to rehab the damage she suffered. However, there is still chance that she would return later.


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“Fighting seems so far away right now with all the problems with my brain, maybe I can fight in a year from now??? I don’t know. So I decided to have smaller goals that I can accomplish this year. I want to gain muscles and get really strong. I also want to do more flexibility.” Malecki wrote in another Instagram post.

Bea Malecki started her career in November 2017 and has gone 4-1 in her professional mixed martial arts career. In 2016  she competed in Muay Thai Boxing World Cup and won first place in the 67kg category. She also won the ExciteFight MMA Lightweight Championship in 2017. She then joined the UFC in 2019.