UFC Fighter Lampoons World’s Worst Self Defense Teacher

If you’ve been on MMA twitter at all lately you may have noticed this gentleman.

This man handles many Detroit Threat Management social media accounts and is referred to as Commander Dale Brown. Commander Dale Brown is doing his best to reproduce Police uniforms – without someone being able to charge him for impersonating a police officer. This means sporting that shield like logo. The strange insignia on the sleeves. The clothing. And heck, even his car is meant to impersonate police.

Commander Dale even enlists his family to help with demos.

We will be attaching several other best of clips from this gentleman below – but not before sharing how UFC fighter Chase Hopper lampooned the “expert”.

For the demo Hopper supplied himself with the gloves that are a prominent feature in many of the videos – and of course, a plastic gun.


UFC’s official social media even went on to share the clip with some sage words.


No only if they would honor the actual experts with something besides product placement.

Now for the best part. Here’s some more survival tips from the Detroit Threat Management Center:

And as if the gun wasn’t bad enough  – there’s also rifle.