UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Calls Out Comedian Trevor Noah Over Trucking Coverage

In another celebrity beef between MMA fighters and public figures, No.11-ranked UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell has taken to Instagram to call out the host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah to fight.

Trevor Noah earned this call out with the following:

“These truckers are finding a lot of support not just from Canadians but from Republicans in the United States,” Trevor Noah said on Thursday’s Daily Show. “Rand Paul, Donald Trump, everyone on Fox News are coming out in support these truckers, which I do find kind of funny. Because all of these people who are cheering on the truckers are like, ‘Yeah, shut it all down, truckers! Bring the economy to its knees!’ Aren’t those the same people who said we shouldn’t have any COVID restrictions because the last thing we wanted to do is bring an economy down to its knees? I mean, so basically, what? It’s not worth hurting the economy just to save countless lives, but it is to make a point?”

Trevor Noah comments which didn’t sit well with Mitchell.

Mitchell then took on to Instagram to post a video about his reaction to Noah’s comments on Comedy Central. The unbeaten UFC contender said he would challenge Noah to a charity fight to warn him to not make fun of the “average working man” insensitively.

“sumone tag this fool trevor noah. lettem kno i wanna do a charity fite. haha it would b funnier than any of that crap he said on comedy central thats for sure. since hes an entertainer mayb hell take this grand opportunity. and no i dont hate him i just wanna give him a feel of how hard the average workin man hits. he wouldnt b so quick to make fun of us. and God bless yall fitin for our freedoms” Mitchell wrote on Instagram.


In the video, he said that it’s ironic for Noah to make fun of the Canadian truck drivers that lost their job as he making millions for joking about them.

“I watched this s**t on Comedy Central the other night and it’s ironic because the s**t wasn’t funny at all, and Noah, Trevor Noah wants to sit there and talk s**t about Canadian truckers who can’t defend themselves and they’re out of a job while he’s making millions talking s**t to people who can’t themselves, and these people risk their lives to put food in our fridges, they haul heavy equipment across ice, okay.” Mitchell said.

 “And these guys don’t want to put poison in their bodies and in their children’s bodies. So they’re fed up with the crap that’s going on with Trevor Noah. I’ll fight you with my hands behind my back. That’s right, no hands, and I’ll still kick the s**t out of you. And I’ll give all the money to charity. Come on. No, don’t be a coward. Take the fight. We’ll give the money to charity and we’ll put on a show and all you got to do is take a good ass kickin’. Come on, man. Let’s do it. And hopefully they don’t ban this post a bunch of communists”

He also added that he’s willing to fight Noah with his hands behind his back which all of the money he earned will be going to charity.

“Well, Trevor Noah, I’ll fight you with my hands behind my back, that’s right, no hands and I’ll still kick the s**t out of you and I’ll give all the money to charity.”

It seems that even if the fight is materialized, Mitchell still got some business to finish as he will make a return to the UFC Octagon after more than a year layoff since October 2020 at UFC 272 on March 5 against the No.10-ranked featherweight and UFC veteran Edson Barboza.