UFC featherweight takes stance against Budweiser after Joe Rogan backs them up

UFC Featherweight Bill Algeo recently grabbed the spotlight with his hilarious octagon interview following his win against TJ Brown.

While his impressive performance in the Octagon is commendable, his witty mic skills were equally noteworthy.

Bill Algeo needed a win in his seventh UFC bout against TJ Brown, and he delivered in style, submitting his opponent in the second round.

However, it was his octagon interview with Daniel Cormier that had everyone talking. In the interview, Algeo made it clear that he wasn’t retiring, and he took a humorous jab at Ed Herman and Zak Cummings, who both retired after their bout.

Algeo’s comment about not retiring in a “dump like Kansas City” was followed by him poking fun at the people he saw around him. He said, “all I see is a bunch of Croc-wearing, Ubereats-driving, Bud-light drinking…sons of guns. I ain’t never retiring.”

The reference to Bud Light caught the attention of fans, considering the recent controversy surrounding the brand. However, it’s uncertain whether Algeo intended to take a jab at the controversy or not.


Bud Light ha

s been in the news recently due to their partnership with transgender model Dylan Mulvaney.

While the partnership received backlash, Joe Rogan had a different opinion. During a recent episode of his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan revealed that he did not see any issue with the partnership.

He argued that spreading the brand to an extra group of people was a positive move.

Rogan’s comments were surprising, given the backlash against the brand, and he even took a sip of the beer during the episode.

It’s unclear whether Algeo’s reference to Bud Light was a subtle dig at Rogan’s stance or not. However, it’s clear that the recent controversy surrounding the brand is still a topic of discussion.