UFC featherweight reveals Ronda Rousey likely to return 145lbs division of the UFC

Former bantamweight champion and UFC icon Ronda Rousey has been absent from the octagon since 2016. However, recent speculation suggests that a remarkable return could be on the horizon.

Following her loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, Rousey transitioned to the world of pro-wrestling with WWE. Surprisingly, there are now indications that Rousey may be considering a departure from the pro-wrestling realm entirely.

Even more intriguing are the rumors circulating about Rousey’s potential return to the UFC. An advertisement for UFC 290 has been cited as evidence supporting this claim, fueling speculation among fans.

Adding weight to these rumors is UFC athlete Chelsea Chandler. She is a formidable competitor who competes in the 145lbs division and is scheduled to face Norma Dumont this weekend.

Chandler expressed her thoughts regarding Rousey’s comeback in the press conference. She said: “I’ve been hearing that Ronda is coming back, and I’ve heard she’s coming back at 145…”

It’s worth noting that the notion of Rousey returning as a featherweight is not a new idea. Eric Albarracin (widely known as Henry Cejudo’s UFC bantamweight instructor) recently brought up the idea.

According to Albarracin, Rowdy should make a comeback as a featherweight in order to ‘save the weight class.’ The division is thought to be in danger of being eliminated outright by the UFC.

Nearly seven years have passed since Ronda Rousey’s last UFC appearance, where she suffered defeat at the hands of then-bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes.

As rumors swirl about Rousey’s potential octagon comeback, one question emerges: Could she bypass the waiting line and secure an immediate shot at either the bantamweight or featherweight title recently vacated by Nunes?

Considering her immense star power, such a scenario is undeniably feasible. UFC play-by-play commentator Jon Anik recently shared his perspective on the matter.

He said: “In a true meritocracy that just is not gonna sit well with me nor the athletes that have been donating blood, sweat and tears to MMA over the last several years. If anyone is worthy of that type of opportunity, it’s probably Ronda.”

“I do believe that she would be competitive because she wouldn’t enter that setting without the guarantee that she would be competitive. But I didn’t like that Henry Cejudo came back and cut the line of a bunch of [bantamweights] that have been active. It would be hypocritical for me to say, ‘Absolutely, let’s elevate Rousey and have her return!'”