UFC featherweight accuses Jake Paul of gassing out because of PED use

In the world of combat sports, Jake Paul has undeniably become a controversial figure. Recently, female UFC featherweight Chelsea Chandler made some serious allegations against the YouTuber-turned-boxer. She accused him of using PEDs and predicted how it would impact his upcoming boxing match with Nate Diaz.

During a media session before UFC Vegas 77, the featherweight contender did not hold back in expressing her views on the matter. When questioned about Paul’s bout with Diaz, she openly claimed that Paul was relying on st**oids. Chandler also said that it would result in fatigue, particularly in the later rounds.

She said: “Look at Jake [Paul], he is on steroids. Okay, and those guys gas out. You got big muscles, they get tired. So, Nate [Diaz] pushes it into the later rounds, I think he’s gonna take it.”

While she did support her fellow Stockton native in his debut, Chandler acknowledged that the match wouldn’t be a walk in the park. She stated: “That’s a hard fight, but team Stockton. Yeah [Nate Diaz wins], I think so.”

Response from Jake Paul regarding these accusations remains uncertain, as it is not the first time that Paul has faced such allegations regarding PED use.

In a warning directed towards Nate Diaz, Jake Paul shed light on his preparations for their boxing match scheduled for August 5.

During his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Paul said that Diaz is wasting his time by watching videos of his previous bouts. He confidently asserted that he has made significant improvements and intends to showcase them in the ring.

Paul said: “I’m glad that he’s watched all my fights. You know, study the film, man, because it’s gonna be a completely different fighter and you’re preparing for someone completely different, so you’re making a big mistake by trying to look at any of my footage and compare me to anything that I’m gonna be doing in that ring.”

Diaz responded to Paul’s remarks humorously, showing no signs of concern or taking the suggestion seriously.