UFC fans troll Jon Jones after his NFL veteran brother is arrested

Renowned NFL star and younger sibling of UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Chandler Jones found himself entangled in legal complications. Las Vegas law enforcement apprehended him on Thursday for violating a temporary protective order.

Merely a day prior to his arrest, Jones made a social media livestream that lasted approximately 25 minutes.

During this online session, he sparked intense debate by questioning the circumstances surrounding the tragic demise of his former teammate Aaron Hernandez, who tragically took his own life in 2017.

These unforeseen and provocative statements on social media further intensified the already fervent public scrutiny surrounding Chandler Jones‘ recent actions and legal tribulations in Las Vegas.

Chandler, Arthur and Jon
Chandler, Arthur and Jon Jones

“Wait, you didn’t know what happened with Aaron Hernandez and Josh McDaniels? Y’all thought Chico killed himself in jail? Y’all thought my n***a Chico killed himself in jail?” Chandler said as he broke down during the livestream.

Chandler’s arrest inevitably led fans to draw parallels with his older brother Jon Jones, a figure with his own history of legal entanglements. As anticipated, Chandler garnered significant attention due to his affiliation with the UFC icon.

The Jones family has grappled with a series of legal challenges, with Jon Jones experiencing several run-ins with the law. Following Chandler’s recent arrest, combat sports fans took to social media and made a range of comments and memes to address the situation.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“The Jones Family should be prohibited from entering Las Vegas. It ain’t for them.”

“The jones brothers are as cursed as they are gifted.”

“The apple sadly doesn’t fall too far from the tree”

Given how much trouble Jon Jones had already experienced, the majority of the tweets made direct fun of the family. Many people in the comments pointed out how similar both brothers are and how they are unable to break their behaviors.

Some said that the Jones brothers in spite of their talent, had allowed their personal life to ruin them.