UFC fans rail competitor over bad acting in rare Technical Decision win

We had one incredibly rare ending at UFC Charlotte – a technical Decision

What’s a technical decision?

A technical decision in MMA is a way to determine the winner of a bout when it is stopped due to accidental fouls or injuries.

In this scenario, the judges’ scorecards are tallied up to determine the winner based on the rounds that have been completed up until the time of the stoppage. If the stoppage occurs before the end of the second round, the fight is declared a no contest. If the stoppage occurs after the end of the second round, the judges’ scorecards are used to determine the winner via technical decision.

What happened in Ji Yeon Kim vs Mandy Bohm?

In her bout at UFC Charlotte, Ji Yeon Kim was looking to end her losing streak. Her opponent, Mandy Bohm, had lost both of her previous UFC outings, but she had remained undefeated in 2021, making her a formidable opponent.

Kim came out strong, landing a powerful right hand that wobbled Bohm in the first few seconds. Despite the setback, Bohm was able to clinch up and take Kim down. Kim managed to get back on her feet, but Bohm took her back and wrapped her arms around Kim’s neck, attempting a submission.

Daniel Cormier would catch a lot of flack for calling this tight for lack of a better description.

Kim slowly turned into her and ended up on top, in full guard. She was able to maintain her dominance on top and eventually got Mandy’s back around halfway through the round.

Although Bohm managed to get out of the position, she ended up on top of Kim by the end of the round.

The second round saw both exchange wild punches until Bohm attempted an early takedown which was promptly blocked by Kim. Bohm then took control of Kim in the clinch with double underhooks, but Kim was able to reverse the position.

Kim then used a whizzer to take Bohm down, but Bohm appeared to choose to go to her back. With one minute left in the round, Bohm got back on her feet and shot a takedown, eventually attempting a guillotine. Although the submission put pressure on Bohm’s neck, she was able to survive the round. After the bell, Kim landed an upkick on Bohm in the stomach, resulting in a point deduction.

The third round began with Bohm clinching up with Kim against the fence. Kim reversed the position and held Bohm against the fence. Bohm was then forced to bend over and put her hand on the ground, but Kim kneed her grounded opponent in the head, resulting in a second point deduction. Bohm claim she couldn’t see. The referee and doctor then determined that Bohm could not continue, and the action was stopped.


It was initially assumed that Kim would be disqualified, but the referee believed that the knee was unintentional and took a point deduction during the break. The judges’ scorecards were tallied up for a rare technical decision, which took some time. The split technical decision ultimately went to Bohm, despite winning only one round on two judges’ scorecards, due to the two point deductions.

UFC fans were not amused by Bohm, going so far as to refer to her as Aljamain Sterling’s successor. Sterling won the bantamweight title with a DQ, when Petr Yan threw a knee to his head when he was grounded.

“Mandy just does not belong in the ufc. To provide more context, she had 6 fights in a regional promotion where her trainer was not only the matchmaker but also the owner of said org. Given that she racked up six of her wins there, her biggest accomplishment to date is a ud Vs some rando on a bellator undercard. I can’t wrap my head around why she went to sbg and yet her ground game is still maybe blue belt level at best Pulling s**t off like she did today warrants a pink slip from Dana, it was so f**king disgraceful” – one fan wrote.

Another redditor had even more insight:

“You wanna hear something that’s even funnier? Mandy’s first fight is officially a no-contest. I was there years ago and saw the fight live that originally ended by submission, which her opponent won by triangle choke. But as you already said, the owner of the organization was Mandys coach, so they changed the result to a NC lol… In reality Mandy is 8-3 and not 8-2. After todays performance she should be 8-4 and gotten cut.”