UFC fans lean right with 55% of its fans identifying as “more conservative” and 45% as “more liberal”

The UFC’s fanbase, according to a recent survey by Sportico and The Harris Poll, leans more conservative, with 55% of its fans identifying as “more conservative” and 45% as “more liberal.” This aligns with the general political landscape of the United States, where the nation’s self-identification is 55% conservative.

Despite the UFC’s conservative-leaning fanbase, there might be some surprise considering recent events where former President Donald Trump has been a frequent guest at UFC events, receiving loud cheers from the audience. Notably, the survey results show that the UFC’s fanbase is not more conservative than the national average, challenging perceptions.

The survey also highlighted recent developments in UFC’s sponsorships, such as Bud Light signing the largest sponsorship deal in UFC history to become the official beer partner. This move is seen as part of Bud Light’s attempt to improve its standing in conservative circles after facing criticism for its marketing relationship with transgender activist and TikTok personality Dylan Mulvaney.

It’s worth noting that the UFC has been an arena for political expressions, as seen in events where Trump has been present, and fans have chanted political slogans. The UFC’s mix of political associations and a diverse fanbase reflects the complex intersection of sports and politics in the modern landscape.