UFC champ Sean Strickland chases off bff Chris Curtis from Twitter after Ian Garry feud

Curtis deleted his Twitter account in the midst of the continuing feud between his friend Sean Strickland and emerging Irish sensation Ian Garry.

The ongoing spat ignited when Strickland took to social media, targeting Garry and his wife Layla Anna-Lee. Strickland called Garry’s wife a ‘succubus’, and asked Garry to end their unusual marriage. This controversy eventually led Garry to consider legal action against Strickland, further intensifying the conflict.

In a bid to diffuse the escalating tension, Chris Curtis attempted to mediate the situation. He urged everyone to respect Garry’s personal life, emphasizing that individuals should refrain from interfering in matters that do not concern them.

In a since-deleted tweet, Curtis wrote: “Y’all need to chill with the Ian Garry thing. Man has a life that is unconventional to you all but it’s his life and it works for him. People are giving his wife s**t for a book she wrote 12 years ago. Ian is a grown man and you are a fool if you don’t think they haven’t.”

But rather than welcoming Curtis’ neutral stance, Strickland responded provocatively by insinuating that Curtis was supporting Garry. This backlash pushed Curtis to deactivate his Twitter account, indicating his unwillingness to engage further in the online dispute.

The UFC champ wrote: “If Curt isn’t careful he might slip and fall on Ian’s d**k”

Chris Curtis deleted his X (formerly Twitter) account as a result of it.

Addressing his departure from Twitter, Curtis posted on Instagram. He expressed his frustration with the toxicity of social media platforms like Twitter.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Curis wrote: “Lol, here’s the thing, guys. I’ll catch some flack for this, but whatever, the mma community apparently loves when people keep it real, so we will see.”

“The reality is that mma fans come in two very distinct camps. Actual fans and people who exist on social media. Never had a bad fan experience in person, I love interacting with you guys face to face, but Twitter is just a safe haven for people who have never accomplished anything to be given a voice in things that are beyond them.”

“It always has been really but Jesus mma fans on Twitter are just cancer and at the end of the day, I genuinely don’t care that much about people’s weightless opinions to allow it to eat up more of my time. So, every now and then, I shut off my account to prevent the screaming masses from having a voice.”

Curtis pledged to stay focused on his upcoming commitments, promising a return in January. He said: “To all the fans out there who keep it respectful, even the ones that don’t like me, you guys are awesome and an example of what fans should be. I’m sorry that I have to limit my interactions with you guys on account of the flying monkeys that comprise a large part of the fanbase, but it’s just an annoyance I would rather not deal with. Keep being awesome, you guys, and I’m just going to keep my head down and focus on the job at hand, love you all and I’ll see you all in January!”