UFC 286: Mokaev compromises his knee to land RNC finish and limp out of the cage

The highly-anticipated Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards trilogy may have headlined UFC 286, but it was the battle between Mokaev and Filho that kicked off the night and left fans talking. The pair put up a true spectacle, with Mokaev facing trouble in the final round as Filho locked in a kneebar that saw his leg twisted in an unnatural manner.

English mixed martial artist Muhammad Mokaev has left UFC fans in awe after surviving a kneebar from Jafael Filho with pure heard on the undercard of UFC 286.

Despite his leg being contorted in an arch, Mokaev refused to tap out and managed to eventually secure a RNC later into the round, surprising viewers.

Despite the intense pain he was in, Mokaev refused to give up and managed to make his way back to his feet. He was seen barely able to put weight on the leg after the finish and he struggled to climb the fence.

Even after the, he could barely walk, with the kneebar having done serious damage. He later admitted to feeling his leg “cracking” while trapped in the submission, waiting for his knee to rip.

Heavyweight Tom Aspinall praised Mokaev’s resilience, saying that Mokaev had been through so much adversity in his personal life and had a different mentality compared to others.



Fans online were equally surprised by Mokaev’s resilience and ability to turn the event around. The former amateur world champion’s mental and physical strength were on full display, with Aspinall stating that 95 to 99 percent of people would have tapped out to that technique.

Despite the intense pain he faced, Mokaev’s determination and refusal to give up is what has left fans in awe.

Afterwards, Mokaev shared he had gone into the event with a dislocated shoulder. This happened sometime around New Years and he’s likely to have an extended lay off.