UFC 285 estimated to have grossed over 800k PPV buys

Endeavor Group Holdings is the parent company of the UFC.

They are a publicly traded company so they disclose revenue. For 2022, they reported revenue of $5.268 billion for the full year of 2022, up $190.4 million from the previous year.

Its adjusted EBIDTA was $1.164 billion, a year-over-year increase of $283.2 million.

Owned Sports Properties, which includes UFC, PBR bull-riding, and Euroleague basketball, contributed $1.332 billion in revenue, an increase of $224 million from the previous year, with UFC accounting for approximately 90% of the revenue.

UFC posted its best financial year ever, with record revenue, sponsorships, consumer products, and the highest grossing Fight Nights globally and in the US. UFC’s live events also sold out, with all 21 of its events with live audiences.

The sell out streak ended this January in Rio De Janeiro which was the only event in recent times to not sell out.

It was also noted by Endeavor that increases in direct operating costs were “partially offset by lower athlete costs for UFC.”

Previously Endeavor CEO bragged about having taken variability off the table thanks to the lucrative ESPN deal. This broadcast deal is due to be renegotiated in the near future and Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel expressed a desire to see what else is out there in terms of offers.

UFC had a touch and go couple of years in terms of PPV thanks to the absence of some of MMA’s biggest stars.

WON estimates are based off Google searches. They say UFC 276 & UFC 281 did estimated 600K buys. Based on those figures UFC 285 would probably wind up in 825K to 840K range.

“Keep in mind that at best these are rough estimates because unlike with PPVs on television where we get the direct data, when you are talking ESPN+, the actual number is usually kept quiet other than for the McGregor fights.”

Interest for 285 was “roughly 69 percent ahead of Alexander Volkanovski vs. Islam Makhachev” for UFC 284, By these figures he estimated 284 did 485K PPV buys.