UFC 275: Procházka submits Teixeira in R5 after taking quite a beating

Main event of UFC 275 TEixeira vs Procházka delivered on excitement. Early in round 1, Teixeira went for a single leg and landed it. Thanks to a scramble Jiri ended up in closed guard and was able to wall walk gradually.

Later in Round 1 he was not so lucky. Teixeira ended the same single leg – but recovered to mount this time and landed big ground and pound from the top.

Procházka showed his defense was on point and shook Teixeira off his back. Teixeira was willing to keep exchanging on the ground and so was Jiri with the rolls overturned. Jiri landed good ground and pound from on top of Teixeira’s open guard.

Jiri came back in round 2 and wobbled Teixeira repeatedly in striking exchanges. Teixeira held his own even though he was visibly struggling.

Regardless of the struggle in striking exchanges, TEixeira kept insisting on going for a takedown.

Procházka slipped and fell after one of the exchanges ending with Teixeira in quarter mount and landing good ground and pound. This round will be hard to score considering that Jiri came on strong in the beginning but then ended up raining heavy shots from half guard.

Teixeira passed to mount in final 20s of the round 2 and landed big elbows.

Procházka came out of round 2 with a nasty cut.
Procházka got taken down again in round 3 but recovered and bloodied up Teixeira for a good amount. Procházka was mixing in his combinations and Teixeira seemed more and more tired.

Procházka made the miscalculation to go for a submission against Teixeira – and lost top position. Teixeira was quick to punish him and ended up in top closed guard reigning punches on Jiri.

Teixeira’s corner kept insisting Procházka was more tired than him after round 3.

The two firstbumped to mark the beginning of Round 4.
Procházka was taken down with three and a half minutes to go. Teixeira was in side control wanting to go to mount.

Jiri is giving his back sort of. Teixeira ended up in mount with a lot of damage handed from the top. He snatched Jiri’s arm and was tempted to go for an arm triangle.

On the second try Teixeira tried that arm triangle. Jiri recovered but struggled to land anything significant after it.

Standing ovation followed ahead of Round 5. The audience was pleased with the show.

Teixeira once again went on the assault in round 5. Procházka was gassing hard but not ready to give up.

Teixeira mounted Jiri again with 2 minutes left on the clock. Teixeira was hunting for an arm triangle but the proximity to fence didnt go his way. Procházka recovered to top turtle.

Teixeira rolled looking for a leg. Jiri passed to sidecontrol. At this point Procházka capitalized on grappling exchanges and submitted Teixeira sans the hooks.

Procházka is the new light heavyweight champion.

Jiri Prochazka was +20000 to win by submission in the fifth round.