UFC 274: Michael Chandler faceplants Tony Ferguson with a front kick to the chin

One of the most anticipated bouts of the evening delivered big time.

Jon Anik was permitted to refer to Chandler as Bellator champion – these words were not previously welcome on the broadcast.

The crowd was electrified, chanting Tony from the very first minute. A reach advantage for Ferguson was obvious from the get go. Ferguson got the best of Chandler in round 1.

Ferguson dropped Chandler early in the first, but Chandler recovered. His nose was bloodied.

Chandler seems to be swinging a lot but actually had more success with his leg kicks. Chandler landed a takedown on Ferguson with 2 minutes left in round 1.

Ferguson seems content to work the elbows from the bottom guard. Chandler landed solid ground and pound from inside Ferguson’s closed guard.

Early on in round two, Chandler landed an intense front kick knock out that floored Ferguson and made him face plant.

After the fact Chandler called to rematch the men who defeated him in addition to calling out Conor McGregor.