UFC 271: Highlights! Moicanos submits Hernandez

Renato Moicano has just put on one of the best performances of his career.

When Moicano stepped on the cage, he looked so big when compared to Hernandez that it is hard to believe he used to compete as a featherweight.

Moicano started the fight with takedown attempts and good work in close quarters.

The first round took place mostly on the feet, the two fighters were very competitive while trading strikes but at one moment, the Brazilian secured a takedown and almost got to mount position.

At the beginning of the second round, after getting out of the clinched, Moicano threw a right hand that wobbled Hernandez.

The Brazilian capitalized on that opening to keep punishing Hernandez with strikes.


In a desperate attempt, Hernandez goes for a takedown but his balance was off. Moicano is then able to land on top and quickly work to Hernandez’s back to secure the read-naked choke victory.


The victory puts Renato Moicano on a two-fight win streak and cements Moicano as a potential contender in the lightweight division.

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