UFC 270: Video Highlights! Ngannou Outgrapples Cyril Gane

Ngannou of the past may have been defeated by Gane – but Ngannou of 2022 will not be. Substantial improvement in his fight IQ was apparent. After getting outstruck on points by Gane in rounds 1 and 2 Ngannou turned into a different fighter. He started wrestling and consistently took down Gane with pretty solid throwes effectively slamming him into the groun. Gane struggled on ground and misjudged several key moves – this resulted in him losing this fight.

Gane was clearly struggling after the fight result was announced. Comforted by Fernand Lopez.

In the post fight speech Ngannou revealed he had torn his MCL completely and sprained the ACL. He allegedly debated pulling out of the fight.