Tyson Fury slams Paul brothers after Logan exposes him for flip flopping about them

Tyson Fury recently took to his Instagram story to air his grievances with the Paul brothers. This comes after his younger brother, Tommy Fury, defeated Jake Paul in an eagerly anticipated boxing event in Saudi Arabia.

In his Instagram story, Fury didn’t hold back in his criticism of Logan Paul, who had been vocal about avenging his brother’s loss. “Logan Paul, you little b****,” Fury exclaimed. “It appears that my little brother beat your little brother, and now you’re both a pair of losers. The entire Paul family sucks.”

Fury went on to address Jake Paul, who was defeated by his brother in the ring. “You got your a** whooped by a guy with five bouts,” Fury said. “You should retire now and go get a real job.”

Fury’s comments were in response to Logan Paul exposing him for flip flopping on how he felt about Jake and Logan Paul over time.


Logan Paul also hurled insults towards Tommy Fury during the actual event in an unprecedented in between rounds interview. When Logan was given the microphone midway through the event, he used the opportunity to insult Tommy, calling him an “inflatable arm a** motherf***er.”

Logan then directed his attention to Jake, giving him words of encouragement and support but also insulting Tommy and the entire Fury family. ” I love your bro. Tommy, if you can hear me, you’re a b****, you’re gassing out. You’re a b****, and the entire Fury family is a b****.”

Tommy Fury was a bit more diplomatic in his own response, telling media that Logan Paul is welcome to box against him if he decides he’d like to step up for his younger brother.

The ongoing rivalry between the Fury and Paul families has been a hot topic in the world of boxing, with fans interested to see if Jake Paul can match an actual pro boxer.

Despite Jake’s loss, he has earned the respect of some considering he’s managed to drop Fury in the final round. He’s also likely to exercise the rematch clause from Tommy Fury’s contract and a rumored rematch will take place this summer.

Jake Paul has yet to respond to Tyson Fury’s comments, but given his history of outspokenness, it’s unlikely that he’ll stay silent for long.