Tyson Fury fist bumps teen after helping raise funds for prosthetic arm

Tyson Fury often teases about retiring from boxing and unretiring in addition to being currently landlocked thanks to his travel ban stemming from associations with organized crime but he’s still active in charities in the UK.

Fury recently helped Marshall Janson secure funding for a prosthetic arm.

Janson exchanges a greeting with Tyson Fury, who assisted in raising money for his prosthetic limb.

After receiving his life-changing $25,000 arm, 14-year-old Marshall also gave his first thumbs up. Janson suffered from septicaemia brought on by meningitis as a newborn, he had his hands and legs amputated.

Every year, he needs two new prosthetic legs. Therefore, his family is continuously raising money.

Marshall was given a chance to enter the ring in April after Tyson’s victory against Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium. On that occasion Marshall has received a unique belt from Tyson, who has promised to assist the family with fundraising.

With the help of his Open Bionic Hero arm, Marshall can now do previously impossible daily tasks. The sweetest part was when he first put it on, he scratched his head. According to his 42-year-old mother Steph Janson, he said never done that.

Fury is trying to find his next opponent despite the travel ban. Joe Rogan recently remarked on hilarious Fury call out of Ukraine’s Usyk. Fury went on to call him out continuously referring to him as middleweight.

“I saw a video from the middleweight. Who just beat the bodybuilder and saying he wanted to fight me and called me after the fight. I replied straight away. I just done another one recently to say, look, yes, I it and now doesn’t want to fight. “

“Now he’s running scared like a little bit*h that he is and says he wants to fight next year.”

“He’s got some injuries from that sparring contest  they had. So I can’t really do much about it. I’m going to be fighting very soon against. We don’t know yet. We’re still looking for an opponent.”