Tyson Fury criticized for U-turn on Usyk clash: Videos taken two days apart contradict each other

In the wake of Tyson Fury’s controversial victory over Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia, the British heavyweight boxer is facing backlash and accusations of a significant U-turn in his statements.

Fury secured a split decision win against former UFC champion Francis Ngannou, a fight in which he was knocked down. However, his post-fight comments have stirred controversy, with fans and pundits alike questioning the consistency of his words.

Before the bout against Ngannou, Fury declared, “Usyk has to fight me in December, he doesn’t have a choice. He signed the contract so if he doesn’t, he’s breached the contract and he gets sued.”

However, following the Ngannou fight, Fury appeared to backtrack on this stance, stating, “We’ll put the biggest fight of our generation on the fight of the century for the undisputed championships of the world. See you all sometime next year, have a good Christmas if I don’t see you and a happy new year.”

The contradictory statements made just a day apart have led to criticism from the boxing community, with many labeling Fury’s shift as an ’embarrassment.’ Video evidence of the contrasting statements has circulated online, adding to the controversy.

Frank Warren, Fury’s promoter, acknowledged the fight with Oleksandr Usyk but emphasized the need for Fury to take a break following his recent match. He mentioned the fight would happen in the early part of the new year, possibly in late January or February.

In response to these developments, Usyk asserted that the contract stipulated a fight on December 23rd and urged Fury to vacate his title before seeking a break. He expressed his readiness to face Fury in the ring and emphasized the need for the scheduled fight to proceed.

The back-and-forth statements and responses from Fury, his promoter, and Usyk have fueled speculation and debate among boxing enthusiasts. The evolving narrative around the upcoming Fury-Usyk clash adds intrigue to the heavyweight boxing scene.

As the story unfolds, fans and pundits continue to scrutinize the situation, eagerly awaiting an official confirmation of the fight’s timing and the resolution of this unexpected twist in the heavyweight division.