Twitter reacts: Joe Rogan butchers (Umar) Nurmagomedov’s name

Umar Nurmagomedov is the real deal. The 26 year old undefeated cousin of Khabib Nurmagomedov just scored his 2nd victory in the UFC against Brian Kelleher. Nurmagomedov previously fought Sergey Morozov back in January of 2021. Nurmagomedov outlined he would be ready to fight again in a week.

Umar steamrolled Brain Kelleher in round one and got a rear naked choke after just 3 minutes of round 1. Kelleher has 24 wins, 12 losses – 22 fights more than Nurmagomedov coming into the fight.


The audience was not very charged – up until the moment Umar thanked Russia and Dagestan for the support along with his team. Then the booing came in.

Of course, Joe Rogan entirely overshadowed the politically charged moment with his butchering of the Nurmagomedov name.

Plenty of fans had a hilarious time watching Rogan be extremely relatable and struggle to pronounce the Dagestani last name. Even funnier – is that he actually struggled to pronounce the Americanized pronounciation of the actual name. Previously Umar’s legendary cousin Khabib explained that his last name is actually pronounced Nurmo-ha-madov and not Nurma-go-medov as is popularized in Western media.

As for the actual reactions, watch below: