Trans mixed martial artist set to make reality series debut on Bear Grylls’ new show

Gita Figueroa is preparing to conquer her fears as she announces her participation in Bear Grylls’ new show.

Bear Grylls, a renowned TV presenter who gained fame through adventure-themed TV shows like Man vs Wild, is set to host the competitive adventure series titled “I Survived Bear Grylls.”

Bear Grylls rose to prominence as a TV presenter by hosting thrilling adventure shows, notably “Man vs Wild.”

His exploration of the wilderness and survival techniques captivated audiences worldwide. In 2014, he launched his own show, “Running Wild With Bear Grylls,” where he embarked on wild adventures alongside celebrities.

This show’s main objective was to endure the challenges of the wilderness through rigorous methods. With seven successful seasons, the latest airing just last year, Bear Grylls has become a household name in the world of adventure TV.

Bear Grylls is set to return with an exciting new series called “I Survived Bear Grylls.” Premiering on May 18, the show brings together a diverse group of contestants from various backgrounds.

Among the participants is Gita Figueroa, an accomplished transgender mixed martial artist ready to face the challenges presented by Grylls’ survival scenarios.

Gita Figueroa made her mark as an amateur mixed martial artist, competing in the World Class Fight League (WCFL). At 34 years old, she embarked on her MMA journey in February of last year with her first bout at WCFL 31 against Gregorio Gonzales. After a fierce three-round clash, Figueroa emerged victorious, securing a unanimous decision.

Continuing her pursuit in MMA, Figueroa participated in WCFL 32 in June 2022. Unfortunately, she faced defeat against Shane Mistretta, who achieved a first-round technical knockout.

Undeterred, Figueroa returned to the cage at WCFL 33 in October 2022, facing off against Manny Pinto. However, she experienced another setback, getting knocked out in the first round.

Although Figueroa has not competed in mixed martial arts since then, she showcased her skills in kickboxing. Earlier this year, she made her kickboxing debut, triumphing over a trans kickboxer Brittany Vaughn in a thrilling match decided by a split decision.

Figueroa competed against men and a trans woman, avoiding controversy. But she’s in a unique predicament in terms of what she can do with her career – there’s only so many trans MMA pros willing to face her plus the WBC actually questioned if it would be safe and fair to include trans females in the male division.

For now there’s more questions than answers. But a stint on the Bear Grylls show could prove a fun platform to promote a safe way to include trans individuals in sports.