Trans cyclist wins women’s division of North Carolina cycling tour

In a controversial turn of events, a trans-identified athlete has once again claimed the top spot in the women’s category of a prestigious cycling tour in North Carolina. Austin Killips, a 27-year old who identifies as a “woman,” emerged victorious in the Belgian Waffle Ride North Carolina, showcasing his dominance over female competitors.

As the race unfolded in Hendersonville, Killips wasted no time in establishing himself as the frontrunner in the women’s division. Social media highlights provided by Unroad UNLTD through Instagram showcased his commanding presence on the course.

Right from the start of the race, Killips surged ahead, prompting Unroad UNLTD to focus primarily on the female riders who placed second and third in their initial updates on the women’s category.

By the 13th mile mark, it was evident that Killips had secured the leading position, with Paige Onweller and Flavia Oliveira closely trailing behind in second and third place, respectively.

During miles 55 to 59, Killips, Onweller, and Oliveira rode in close proximity, without a definitive ranking. However, Onweller briefly managed to overtake Killips and claim the first-place position.

Yet, by mile 108, Killips effortlessly regained his position at the front of the pack, gradually distancing himself from the female competitors. Approaching the finish line, Killips had opened up a substantial five-minute lead.

Upon crossing the finish line, the race commentator hailed Killips’ triumph as a “huge win.” The Instagram clip posted by Unroad UNLTD revealed no immediate contenders trailing behind.

The official race results confirmed Paige Onweller and Flavia Oliveira as the second and third-place finishers, respectively.

This is not the first instance of Killips securing victory in a women’s race. In May, Reduxx reported Killips’ first-place finish in the Tour of the Gila, a prestigious cycling competition renowned internationally. Notably, the 2022 edition of the Tour marked the first time in the competition’s history that the prize money for both male and female categories was equal. However, Killips’ win resulted in both prize pots being claimed by a trans individual.

Regrettably, Killips had previously faced allegations of attempting to impede female cyclist Hannah Arensman during the UCI Cyclocross National Championships in December 2022. A video shared on Twitter captured one incident where Killips appeared to push Arensman off the racing course. Although there were purportedly additional incidents, only one was recorded, prompting calls for disqualification based on that action alone.

The controversy surrounding Killips’ actions led to Hannah Arensman, a highly accomplished cyclocross racer with 35 victories under her belt, retiring from the sport. She expressed her discouragement in competing against male cyclists in women’s events, ultimately leading to her decision to step away from cycling altogether.

While Killips continues to dominate women’s cycling competitions, the ongoing debates surrounding transgender participation in sports persist, raising important questions regarding fairness and inclusivity within the realm of athletic competition.