Trans boxer Danny Baker says he feels ‘like the man I am’ during his fights

Danny Baker has become Britain’s first transgender boxer to get ready for a men’s semi-professional match after a lengthy struggle.

The 34-year-old was born a woman but transitioned into a man in his 20s. Danny had to fight to play the sport he loves because of the controversies surrounding trans athletes.

Danny started going to a boxing gym when he was 14. He discovered he was transgender while viewing a documentary on the issue when he was 21.

He said, “When I’m boxing, I feel like the man I am. I feel included by the ­boxing community.”

“My testosterone levels are kept within the natural human amount. When it comes to sport, I don’t have an advantage.”

“I want to see more trans women, more trans youth, I want to see everyone come out and get the exposure they deserve – why should we stay hidden away?” Danny exclusively revealed to MIrror.

Danny had to stop boxing due to a lack of funds, and he subsequently spent time in and out of prison when older individuals allegedly used him to sell narcotics. However, he was encouraged to return to the ring in order to raise money for LGBTQ+ youngsters..

“As a girl, I had boobs and long hair but the brain of a boy and I didn’t want to fight against women. After I transitioned I realised boxing was something I could do as a trans person.”

Danny has also spoken up against the criticism of Lia Thomas, a US trans swimmer. Opponents argue has Lia has an unfair edge due to her physicality.

In March, Lia, who was born a man, became the first transgender athlete to win a national women’s collegiate championship.

“It’s just the shell we’re in and you can’t exclude someone for being who they are – at no age is bullying OK. Even for taller, broader trans women, the testosterone is killed by the oestrogen and there is a mental effect on aggression too.”

“Rather than dismissing trans women, we should give them some time and the benefit of the doubt, then results will show for themselves.”

Danny has competed in two semi-pro competitions, winning one and losing the other. He has another match scheduled for July.