Tony Ferguson slams Cormier, accuses him of substance abuse in light of UFC Oliveira hypocrisy

Tony Ferguson mocked UFC analyst and former champion Daniel Cormier on social media for his previous scale cheating incident.

Ferguson was defeated by Michael Chandler in the main event of UFC 274 this last weekend. He had a tense chat with Cormier on the commentator’s YouTube channel leading up to UFC 274.

Much of the UFC 274 coverage was dedicated to the troubling way UFC was treating Charles Oliveira – and how the promotion had previously treated other champions in the same situation differently.

After failing to make weight for UFC 274, Charles Oliveira was stripped of his lightweight championship. Following the miss, it was speculated that the official scale had been tampered with, causing Oliveira to lose his belt.

Ferguson slammed Cormier for his UFC 210 weigh-in issue in a recent tweet.

Ferguson tweeted, “How Not to Make Weight Ladies & Gentlemen.” “Shoulda Stripped Em’ Like They Did [Charles Oliveira] Shout Out To All Those Doin’ It Right & Keepin’ The Sport Clean.”


Cormier seemed to grab the UFC’s weigh-in towel, which might have tampered with the scales ahead of his rematch with Anthony Johnson at UFC 210. In the second round, he would submit Johnson.

Cormier asked Ferguson to move away from social media after seeing his unjustified assault.

“Tony please stop. Go and sit back for a little, tuck your head in a hole somewhere. Regroup man, recover spend some time with your family. Like just please stop! I plead with you. It is not a good look. Like you’re making me sad.”

Ferguson would retaliate some hours later.

Daniel Cormier, perplexed, would then react once again.

“Ok Tony now you’re reaching. Are you saying I do c**aine? I’m so confused right now. I don’t know why you’re after me. Get Michael chandler he’s the one kicked your face not me.”

Of course, Cormier is failing to acknowledge that Ferguson’s animosity is likely resulting from Cormier’s close friendship with Khabib Nurmagomedov – in addition to Cormier being a mouth piece for the UFC.

Ferguson’s loss against Chandler was his fourth in a row. However, he is committed to continuing his UFC career. He previously lost to Beneil Dariush, Oliveira, and Justin Gaethje before UFC 274.