Tommy Fury shifts blame for dad’s misbehavior to ‘red wine’

John Fury’s antics during the press conference with KSI were attributed by Tommy Fury to his father drinking a few “red wines” beforehand.

The KSI vs Tommy Fury and Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis press conference has left the boxing surprised as it turned out to be quite dramatic.

During the conference, all four competitors hurled insults at each other. However, Tommy’s father John Fury caused a huge disruption.

Fury Sr suddenly stood up and shouted: “I’ll fight any man in the building. I’m a f****** machine! Can anyone question who I am here?”

The 59-year-old then went on to overturn tables off the stage, and the situation subsequently descended into anarchy. Security had to separate KSI and Tommy when they both sprang out of their chairs.

However, the crisis ultimately subsided with the press conference not continuing.

When questioned whether John had planned the outburst afterwards, Tommy said: “No, definitely not, I didn’t see that coming. It must have been the red wine that must’ve hit him and then he just got into it.”

“But, at the end of the day it’s all fun and games, hyping up the fight, so it was good, I enjoyed it.”

Later, KSI and Tommy returned to the stage for a face off. The British social media celebrity KSI pushed his opponent Tommy, but he seemed unfazed.

Tommy went on to say: “He gave me a little push. As everyone saw on camera and it didn’t do anything, he’s powerless…”

“His time is running out and he knows that after today and he knows what’s going to happen to him.”

When Tommy last competed, he faced social media sensation-turned-boxer Jake Paul. Tommy prevailed by split decision, and he doesn’t think KSI will be a stronger opponent.

Tommy stated: “I don’t think KSI can tie Jake Paul’s boots up to be honest. I’ve seen him there up close and personal and he’s nothing more than a middleweight.”

“He’s two weight divisions below me and God help him on the night… He won’t be able to get out of the first round.”