Tommy Fury narrowly defeats KSI – The PRIME Card Results (Highlights)

In a riveting match held at the AO Arena, social media sensation KSI made a return to the boxing ring. He faced the undefeated Tommy Fury in the headline event of Misfits Boxing’s ‘The PRIME Card’ in Manchester, England.

After an eight-month hiatus since his split decision victory against Jake Paul, Tommy Fury enters the ring to extend his winning streak to an impressive 10 matches. On the other side, KSI steps into this professional bout following his victory over Logan Paul via split decision in 2019.

Round 1

The match commences with high intensity, as KSI darts around the ring. Fury applies relentless pressure, seeking an early win. They engage in close-quarters combat, both showcasing gritty boxing skills.

KSI lands a powerful right hand, momentarily staggering Fury. Both combatants lock up, and Fury seems to hit KSI hard in the back of the head which causes a halt in the action. With less than a minute left in the round, Fury is not docked a point.

Fury then blocks a powerful right hand from KSI. Fury once again closes the gap, exchanging a few strikes to the body before being split apart. As the first round comes to a close, KSI fires a body shot.

Round 2

KSI momentarily drops his guard and pays the price with a potent right hand from Fury. Another clinch ensues, and Fury once again strikes the back of KSI’s head, resulting in a point deduction.

KSI retaliates with a well-placed right hand, engaging Fury in a fierce exchange. While Fury attempts to utilize clinches to wear down KSI, the latter shows no signs of slowing down.

The second round was exceptionally brief since it seems that the timer was not stopped during the point deduction.

Round 3

KSI opens the round with a wide-swinging right hand that narrowly misses its mark. Fury initiates a clinch, but they are swiftly separated. Fury’s relentless assault prompts KSI to clinch in response.

Amidst this gritty exchange, Fury lands a solid left on KSI. They continue to compete in close quarters, only to be separated when Fury again targets the back of KSI’s head. This time, a warning is issued without a point deduction.

In an attempt to capitalize, KSI moves in rapidly and catches Fury off guard. But he is unable to land with precision. Fury dodges and closes as the bell rings to signal the conclusion of the round.

Round 4

Fury takes the lead with a swift jab. However, the round is characterized by frequent clinches, with the referee frequently intervening to separate the boxers. Despite attempts from both sides, clean strikes remain scarce.

Round 5

After four rounds, both boxers seem to have landed an equal number of significant strikes. KSI aims to land powerful right hands at close range. But the round is marred by repeated clinches. Despite the referee’s urging for action, the pattern persists until the round concludes.

Round 6

As the contest nears its end, both boxers aim to elevate the tempo. Nevertheless, clinches continue to dominate the round. Fury manages to connect a solid right hand, but KSI swiftly recovers. With little time remaining, neither boxer takes significant risks.

KSI tightens as Fury draws near. Fury tries to brush away KSI’s solid right after he connects with it. The round ends with a flurry of clinches, bringing the match to a close.

As the last few seconds pass, the competition comes to an end as KSI dances away.

The Verdict: Tommy Fury defeats KSI via majority decision (57-57, 57-56, 57-57)