Tommy Fury in talks with KSI AND Logan Paul for next boxing bout

Tommy Fury’s stock has been on the rise ever since he defeated Jake Paul in an eagerly anticipated clash back in February.

John Fury recently spoke to Astrid Wett about what was in store for his son Tommy Fury.

“Well, we’re having talks with a lot of people. KSI, Logan Paul, I don’t know what Jake Paul is doing, but I don’t think he wants to know any more of Tommy.”.

The boxer and reality TV star Tommy Fury is currently 9-0 in his pro-boxing career.

Fury’s contract with Jake Paul reportedly includes a rematch clause but considering Paul is prioritizing the Diaz boxing bout it’s unclear if and when it will take place.

In any case, Logan Paul is apparently ready to avenge his brother’s defeat.

“If you don’t [have a rematch], I’d like to handle that. That was like, my first instinct, obviously.” – Logan explained.

John Fury admits that he was impressed by Jake Paul’s performance.

“You know what, he impressed me. I didn’t think he was going to get out there three rounds. But Tommy did underperform. It was a great fight for what it was – two novices.”

KSI and Tommy Fury staged a heated verbal exchange at the KSI v Joe Fournier post event presser.

KSI apparently yelled at Fury saying he wanted a chance to knock him out. Fury was seemingly unfazed and said that a matchup between the two would be easy money for him. So, it looks like the two have laid the groundwork for a boxing bout with some sort of rivalry developing between them.