Tim Tszyu’s had an over the top Reaction To Brother’s Knockout

Tim Tszyu is known for being calm and collected both inside and outside the ring.

But when it’s his little brother inside the ring, he can’t help but let his emotions get the better of him.

The son of legendary boxer Kostya Tszyu is a rising star. Having been undefeated in 21 contests, he held the WBO Global super welterweight title since 2019.

While he can keep his emotions off when it comes to fighting, it’s a different story when his younger brother, Nikita, is the one in the ring.

Nikita Tszyu recently had his second pro boxing bout against Mason Smith in Newcastle, Australia.

In the opening round of the six-round bout, the 24-year-old successfully dropped Smith with a combination. He later landed several more unanswered punches that prompted the referee to stop the fight.

While the fight itself successfully electrified the crowd, it seems that his brother Tim was ecstatic

Tim can be seen jumping out of his seat and yelling out advice to his younger brother. His fired-up emotions also caught the commentators’ attention, which they say:

“There’s Tim outside the ring, like a cat on a hot tin roof.”

Not stopping there, Tim’s also burst with emotions in an interview following the fight. When he was asked what he would rate his brother’s performance out of 10, he answered:

“He just knocked this guy out. 10!”

“I told you. I told everyone. Wait till he starts knocking everyone out now.”

“Give him some time, he’ll be knocking the whole division out in Australia – except for me!”

While Tim was still fired up with his brother’s victory, the victor himself wasn’t too proud of his own performance, giving it a modest 6.5/10.

“I love seeing the blood. That bloody nose. The joy I felt from that.” Nikita said. “I just want to keep on improving. I wore a couple shots that I shouldn’t have. There were still a few mistakes I made. But I’m proud of where I am, but it’s still baby steps.”