TikTok stars spark onstage brawl ahead of celebrity boxing clash

Security had to separate two TikTok celebrities who will fight on the undercard of Simple Simon vs. Ed Matthews. The match will take place on Saturday night.

This Saturday’s event features a match between Pully Arif and Tommy Mulligan on the undercard. Previously at the press conference for the bout in June, Arif and Mulligan exchanged blows when Mulligan shoved Arif during their fight.

During their second encounter, there was no love lost as Arif irritated his opponent enough to challenge him on stage. Pully Arif hit his opponent with a bottle of water as they grappled onstage. The incident forced security to step in.

Arif said, “We’ve got the press conference today and he won’t do anything because he’s a p****.

“What do you mean a p****? I’m in front of you right now come and do something,” Mulligan replied.

After that, Arif charged his opponent and sprayed him with water from a bottle. Despite Mulligan’s best attempts to earn a second shot at his rival, the two got into a short fight before two security officers onstage seized them and broke up the fight.

Mulligan was then mocked by Arif, who asked: “Where are you going? You grazed my elbow Tommy, why you so angry? It’s only a bit of water, it’s the first wash you’ve had all week.”

After the altercation, Mulligan expressed his contempt for his adversary. He said: “I’ve come to do strictly business. I’m ready for this, I’ve been training twice everyday. I’ve been dedicating all my time to this, I can’t wait to get in the ring.”

“When I looked into his eyes I was looking for fear, nerves and that’s exactly what I saw. In every other fight I’ve had I’m normally humble, but there’s something about this guy that just gets under my skin.”

In the co-main event, OnlyFans star Elle Brooke will compete against former Love Island competitor AJ Bunker.