The only man to ever defeat Jon Jones (technically), calls for a rematch

The most recent remarks made by Jon Jones generated an unanticipated conversation among MMA fans.

Jones is considered to be the GOAT of MMA. Recently, his lone career ‘loss’ in 2009 against Matt Hamill by disqualification has recently resurfaced. The focal point of attention now revolves around the California State Athletic Commission’s contemplation of modifying the notorious 12-6 elbow rule, reigniting discussions and drawing opinions from both Jones and Hamill.

Addressing his prolonged absence from the octagon, Jones took to Twitter to express understanding towards the frustration of younger fans regarding his injuries.

This unexpected statement became a catalyst for media outlets to dissect and share across platforms, including a noteworthy response from Hamill on Facebook. In a humorous tone, Hamill proposed a rematch with Jon Jones. He playfully emphasized his match against Jones as the sole imperfection on the champion’s otherwise impeccable record.

The social media spectacle didn’t end there. On Reddit, fans engaged in a lively discussion comparing Hamill’s comment to the wit of former UFC veteran Chael Sonnen.

Despite Jones being often hailed as undefeated, there is a collective appreciation for Hamill’s attitude over the past decade. Despite the controversy surrounding the official decision, Hamill has embraced the narrative. He proudly jokes to be the only combatant to hand Jones a defeat.

Other fans commented:

“Jon ducking the real fight”

“Jones keeps posting himself as undefeated when marketing his appearance somewhere. I will not stand for Matt Hamill erasure.”

“Y’all ain’t ready for HW Hamill”

“His face is insane to damage his elbows and cause Jones to take an L”

Since the memorable victory in 2009, Matt Hamill concluded his MMA career with a record of 13-8. He stepped away from professional combat sports in 2018.

Transitioning to a new chapter, Hamill now dedicates his time as an MMA and wrestling coach. He is currently shaping the future of young talents.

While Hamill continues to playfully joke about a potential rematch with Jones, it’s evident that the 47-year-old harbors no intentions of returning to the competitive arena.