The ex wife of famed MMA coach Fernand Lopez opens up on domestic abuse allegations

Former two-time Glory Kickboxing champion, Cédric Doumbé, recently made a memorable debut in the PFL, both in the cage and beyond. Doumbé seized the spotlight at the PFL Europe playoffs held at the Zénith Paris. In the main event, he delivered a lightning-fast knockout against fellow countryman Jordan Zébo, grabbing victory in just nine seconds.

While the swiftness of Doumbé’s victory garnered substantial attention, the aftermath also revolved around a deeply disturbing revelation that unfolded during his post-fight interview.

The Cameroonian-born Frenchman made stunning allegations of domestic abuse against his former coach, Fernand Lopez, the founder of MMA Factory. Doumbé claimed to have overheard instances of domestic violence during phone conversations with Lopez.

Lopez responded to these allegations in an interview with French outlet Le Parisien. He admitted to a four-month prison sentence following a 2018 arrest related to domestic violence. Lopez acknowledged a single incident where he had slapped his former partner and accused her of physical violence towards him, his daughter from a previous relationship, and his granddaughter.

However, Lopez’s ex-wife, in a statement released in response to the public’s attention on her past relationship with the prominent MMA coach, disputed many of his claims. She accused Le Parisien of spreading unverified ‘lies’ and asserted her reluctance to publicly discuss her private life. Still, she felt compelled to respond due to Lopez’s recent statements.

The victim strongly denied Lopez’s version of events, asserting that the abuse extended well beyond a mere “slap.” She claimed that Lopez had rendered her unconscious on two separate occasions in front of her daughter. She refuted allegations of her displaying violence towards Lopez, his child, or his granddaughter.

This disturbing revelation adds to a series of controversies involving Fernand Lopez. In the past, Lopez faced criticism from former pupil Francis Ngannou, who branded him “evil” ahead of Ngannou’s title defense against another MMA Factory fighter, Ciryl Gane, in January 2022. This came after Lopez accused Ngannou of attempting to sabotage Gane’s entry into the UFC.

Furthermore, Lopez has been entangled in contractual disputes, including Slim Trabelsi’s transition to Dominance MMA and Bellator signing, during which he issued threats of legal action.

The shocking allegations against Lopez are a stark reminder of the importance of addressing domestic abuse in all aspects of society, including within the world of mixed martial arts.