The best kickboxer on the planet denies reports he signed with the UFC

While the UFC is known for signing top athletes, it’s not uncommon for exceptional athletes from other sports to join them. Cedric Doumbe, the former two-time Glory welterweight champion, was rumored to have signed with the UFC.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be false news, as Doumbe explained on his Twitter account. Although he would love to be part of the UFC, at 30 years old, it’s not an easy decision to make.

On social media, it was reported that Cedric Doumbe, a kickboxing champion, had signed with the UFC. However, Doumbe himself confirmed that he will not be joining the organization. The UFC is the world’s largest mixed martial arts promotion, with a strong roster of renowned names and legends.

Cedric Doumbe has been kickboxing since 2013, scoring an impressive 45 KOs in his eight-year career. Although he has competed a few times in mixed martial arts since 2021, mostly in the French promotion MMA Grand Prix, he won all his matches. While 30 years old is a bit old to start competing in the UFC, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of success. The current UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira joined the UFC at 33 and quickly climbed the ranks.

The UFC is the biggest mixed martial arts promotion in the world. Their roster is much stronger than any other promotions, making it harder to compete there. But, due to that, the UFC has produced a lot of renowned names and legends.

This news hyped up a lot of mixed martial arts fans. Unfortunately, it’s nothing more than just false information. Soon after the news spread, Doumbe took to his Twitter account to give a clarification.

“I know you all want to see me in the UFC. I really want to make you love, but the choice available to me is really not easy and at 30 it will be the last choice of my life. It’s not simple.” Doumbe wrote.

Middleweight champions Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira came from the world of Kickboxing however it’s not an easy transition. To date, plenty of UFC stars consider them both deficient in the wrestling and grappling departments.

Not to mention that UFC likes to low ball it’s stars meaning that any signee is likely to get the bare minimum purse.