(Video) Teen aged thieves run for their lives after an attempt to rob a pro boxer

A pair of teenagers got the lesson of their lives when they picked the wrong house to rob.

Australian Boxer Demsey McKean recently shared some CCTV footage of his friend Casey Caswell’s home.

The video showed two teenagers trying to score  an easy payday.

They were attempting to break into a luxurious Gold Coast home at Benowa Waters.

What they didn’t know is that the house belonged to undefeated cruiserweight Casey Caswell.

Fortunately for Casey, he got a notification from the motion sensor cameras on his phone. He was able to spot the two teens slithering around his property and his car.

The video showed him chasing them off shirtless while terrified thieves were screaming.

The footage amused many who were fed up with wannabe criminals.

People appreciated Casey and wished he caught the thieves. One person said:
‘Hopefully, they are enjoying hospital food until they recover enough to go to prison,’

In response to the video, another person said:
‘It’s getting beyond a joke, just so brazen! And when they get caught they get let off!! Should be more of this! Wish he caught them’

Fortunately for the thieves, they got away before Caswell could dish out some damage. In an interview with News Corp Demsey McKean talked about this incident.

‘Casey doing what anyone man would do, this is how to deal with low-life rats that try to break into your house,’

He continued: ‘Not how Casey Caswell wanted to start his early Sunday morning no doubt. Woke up to see two thieves walking around his car and front property about to jump the fence. So he ran out there and chased them off down the road. He didn’t catch them and no one was harmed.’

McKean added that things would have gotten ugly if he had caught them, he said:

‘My mate is a professional fighter and an Australasian champion, they picked the wrong house to mess with.’

As far as Casey Caswell is concerned, he’s a 32-year-old Australasian cruiserweight boxer from Buckinghamshire. He has a record of 7-0, with 4 of his wins coming via knockout.