Team Renegade’s Veronica Hardy on Ian Garry gym exile: Multiple gyms have banned him

Team Renegade standout Veronica Hardy has stepped forward to shed light on the controversial departure of Ian Garry from the renowned UK MMA gym.

Ahead of her UFC comeback against Jamey-Lyn Horth this Saturday, Hardy hasn’t held back her opinions regarding Garry’s rift with UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards.

Garry and Edwards are both slated to compete in the UFC 296 main card. While Edwards gears up to defend his title against Colby Covington, Garry will be competing to maintain his unbeaten record against Vicente Luque.

However, the recent tension between Garry and Edwards has blown up. There are two sides to every story. But according to Hardy, Garry’s one is incomplete and false.

In an exclusive interview with The AllStar, Hardy talked about Garry’s troubled history during his tenure at Team Renegade.

She emphasizes, “It’s not my drama, but he’s the only person to have ever been kicked out of [Team Renegade]. I go there and there’s people from all over the country who come to train, drive for hours. Every gym…that’s why in the UK there’s so many that haven’t allowed him to come. There’s basic rules: Be respectful, show up on time, don’t be spreading gossip about other people. Basic. That’s martial arts…”

Hardy contests Garry’s depiction of events, citing instances where she feels the narrative doesn’t align with reality.

She continued: “You can’t have a whole story that suits your narrative. ‘Oh I came to Renegade and Leon Edwards head-kicked me and sent me to a hospital’, and then call him insecure…it’s a bit sad because I don’t think it’s necessarily Ian himself, I think there’s influences around him that you can see, and especially because I met him in Cage Warriors before the UFC…it’s ongoing.”

“I’ve been in over 100 gyms, and never been kicked out. It’s not like the Chute Boxe days where if you go to another gym we hate you and stuff like that, it’s not like that anymore. People are respectful to you going to train, but you have to show that same respect in the gym. If you’re not gonna have that, then you’re not a good addition to a team.”

Garry’s life off the Octagon has also been under scrutiny, particularly due to his wife Layla Machado. In recent weeks, Garry and his wife have faced harassment on social media for a book she wrote in 2010 called ‘How to be a WAG’. The book has been described by some as a gold digger’s manual for controlling young, accomplished sportsmen.