Taiwan judo coach gets 9 years in prison for killing student in class

A judo coach from Taiwan was sentenced to 9 years behind the bars after killing his student by repeatedly throwing him to the ground.

The kid’s parents struggle accept this sentence and demand a harsher punishment.

A very unfortunate incident happened during a Judo class in April of last year in Taiwan. A problematic judo coach named Ho Tsung-le repeatedly threw his student, a 7-year-old boy surnamed Huang, to the ground and eventually killed the poor boy.

It all happened after Ho instructed Huang to practice with bigger and more experienced classmates. As a fairly new judoka, Huang resisted the instruction and mocked the coach by saying “the coach is a big idiot”.

Ho then proceeded to practice throwing and takedown techniques on the little boy. Huang complained saying he had a severe headache. However, Ho believed that Huang was faking it and continued to throw him down.

Huang even vomited after dozens of takedowns and the coach ordered other students to clean the vomit and continued to throw Huang a couple more times before feeling satisfied.

Huang suffered brain hemorrhages and remained in a coma for 70 days. He also suffered respiratory problems and multiple organ failure before the parents finally decided to take him off life support.

The Taichung District Court charged Ho with manslaughter and sentenced him to 9 years in prison on June 29. The parents of the deceased Huang, said he was not satisfied with the decision and would appeal for a more severe punishment.

“He carried out the extremely inappropriate training measures that caused Huang to sustain injuries and unfortunately die at a young age.” The court said.

They said that Ho didn’t even feel guilty for what he did and has never shown any remorse.

“I think it’s too light, it should be a life for a life. His attitude is really terrible. He’s never admitted to any wrongdoing and blamed it on my child.” Huang’s father said.