Tai Tuivasa: When I Win And I’ll Do A ‘Cuppy’ Out Of His Ball Guard

The rising heavyweight from down under, Tai Tuivasa is currently bulldozing through the UFC’s heavyweight division. The crowd-favorite Australian is set to co-headline UFC 271 against the hometown favorite Derrick Lewis in Houston, Texas this Saturday.

The No.11 heavyweight contender is on a roll with 4 consecutive KO wins including a first-round KO against the notorious fighter Greg Hardy back in July. Now facing the No.3 Lewis, Tuivasa will probably have the toughest test in his entire career.

Both Tuivasa and Lewis’ characters are beloved by the fans, especially their victory celebration which Lewis had his signature ‘Black Beast’ celebration and Tuivasa with his ‘shoey’.

In recent interviews, Lewis has shared his thoughts about doing shoey, which he said it’s not his cup of tea because as he stated, his feet are “smell cheesy”.

“Yeah, he’s good, man. I like him. I like Tai, and I really appreciate him knocking out Greg Hardy like he did the last fight. Greg was talking a lot of trash that week, so I appreciate it, but I just don’t like the beer-drinking out of the shoe and all that. What y’all do out there? I don’t like all that. That’s nasty. My feet smell cheesy. I just can’t imagine just another man’s sweat in – I don’t know.” said Lewis in an interview with Fox Sports Australia.

But in a separate interview, he is instead willing to drink beer to celebrate the victory, but from his groin cup.


“I can’t do nothing like that. Nah,” Lewis said regarding Tuivasa’s shoeys. “I’d say I’d take my cup off and drink beer out of that. That’s as far as I would go.”

Tuivasa also got asked a similar question regarding a cup on UFC 271 media day, he answered that he will also drink from the cup, even named the celebration as “cuppy”.

“[Derrick Lewis] can throw [his cup] to me when I win and I’ll do a ‘cuppy’ out of his ball guard then.”

With Tuivasa also down for the challenge, it will be interesting for fans to see which fighter will eventually do the “cuppy”.