Synthol man Fought In Russian Freakshow Promotion

Epic Fighting Championship came out with an explosive promo several months ago. The Russian promotion promised to feature a number of viral sensations pitted against each other in MMA matches. Now finally one of these fights is available for our viewing pleasure.

Among those featured are Synthol Man aka Hand Bazookas, Mongolian, Berkova, mini Hulk and more. The event can be viewed below.

Another of the fights featured a fighter with some form of dwarfism called Mini Hulk against a regular sized elderly fighter.

One of the most shocking match ups the event promises is a woman pitted against an Obese man but that appears to not be featured on this card. This appears to follow a trend that was first apparent during Fight Circus cards. According to the video description:

Oleg Mongol VS Hands of the Bazooka is a legendary revenge that humanity can contemplate right now. Murad will make his first appearance in the Epic Octagon to declare his ambitions to win! It was in this tournament that a challenge took place, which will become the beginning of a great battle – Elena Berkova VS Irishka Chiki-Piki. And also confrontations await you: – Mini-Hulk VS Sanya Byk – Russian Tyson VS Danya Bely – Fight 2 on 2. Salam Rabadanov / Supyan Dzhabrailov VS Oleg Blokhin / Mikhail Spirin.