Strongmen MMA tournament cancelled after funding falls through

Brian Shaw is a four-time World’s Strongest Man champion who is looking to compete in MMA. He recently disappointed fans with the announcement that his much-hyped MMA debut scheduled for February 17th, has been postponed indefinitely.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Shaw explained the reasoning behind the unfortunate development. He said: “It looks like the February 17th date for my fight is at the bare minimum going to be postponed. Not great news coming out of this meeting. I’m frustrated and pissed off. I really am pissed off because I’ve been putting so much into this.”

Expressing his disappointment, Shaw highlighted the personal sacrifices made for the event. He said that he had to sacrifice a lot of time away from his family to get ready for this matchup.

“I’m also really disappointed because I took a lot of time and dedicated a lot of time to this which took time away from my wife, from my kids, from my businesses, from everything that I had going on. And you know really put a lot of strain on other people around me because I was committing to this and and that was tough. It was tough for me to go through.”

While Shaw did not go into details about the specific contractual issues, he explained why his match was cancelled. Shaw revealed the financial stumbling block that led to the event’s uncertainty.

“It does look like from what I’ve been told Finishers Championship is moving forward with an event on February 17th. The funding they needed to bring in myself as well as the other guys did not come through is what we were told. You know, at this point I’ve been paid nothing from what they owed me. So you know that’s why it’s postponed indefinitely.”

However, Shaw said that the event still happening Feb 17 but with reduced competitors.

As of now, Shaw has no date for his postponed match. He is not expecting it to be rescheduled anytime soon.

“With this thing, time will tell. I’m certainly not going to hold my my breath as far as you know having another date until I see some kind of major action that were to happen on their side.”

Highlighting the importance of commitment, Shaw asserted: “But they’ve got I would say a lot of ground to cover because you have to follow through with contracts, with commitments, with what you said. You know I’m very big on your word and what that means. So you know at this point there is no date. I’m not holding my breath for another date at this point and I think there’s been enough stuff that have has come out about this event and the way that things have gone down.”

This was meant to be Shaw’s first foray into MMA promotion, capitalizing on his celebrity status as one of the most dominant strongman competitors ever. The 6’8″, 440-pound Shaw has long had an interest in combat sports.

While Shaw understands fans’ frustration with the postponement, he vows that this is only a temporary setback.