Streaker wants to sue NFL player who tackled him during stunt

NFL’s Bobby Wagner reportedly isn’t concerned even though he’s staring down a police report filed against him by an animal rights protester he tackled during the last game.

Wagner is a star for the Los Angeles Rams and acted quickly once an activist entered the field with a pink flare and started dodging the security.

The thunderous hit from the 240lb player sent the unsuspecting protester smashing into the terrain.

 “Can’t really focus on it,” Wagner said of the police report.

“I’m more concerned about the security guard that was hurt trying to chase him. You just got to do what you got to do.”

“There’s consequences for your actions,” Wagner warned.
Rams head coach Sean McVay stands behind his player:
“I think that we all know where Bobby’s intentions were,” McVay told the media Wednesday when probed about the police involvement in the situation.

“And I support Bobby Wagner,” he added. “That’s where I’m at with that. I don’t think anybody will disagree.”

“A lot of folks saying that the protestor… who illegally hopped on the field with a smoking stick… is gonna sue Bobby Wagner??” McAfee wrote on Twitter.

“How does anybody know what else that person has? They have a smoke stick in one hand, who knows what in the other… Bobby’s a hero. End of story.”

Wagner’s Rams teammate Greg Gaines agreed: “I was scared for my life, he could have had a bomb, Bobby Wagner saved our lives.”