Revisiting one of nastiest UFC finishes that left an athlete’s broken arm just dangling

MMA fans are constantly debating about which MMA finish is the nastiest.

One moment that’s frequently considered as the nastiest is Paul Craig’s finish over Jamahal Hill.

The two were featured on the main card at UFC 263 event back in June of last year. Jamahal Hill entered the ring undefeated with 8 victories while Craig was on a 3 win streak. Their clash lasted 2 minutes with Craig imposing a grappling heavy game from the get go.

Though it was only two minutes, the pair tussled on the ground with Craig having the upper hand. After one minute, Craig caught Hill’s left arm and went for a Mir lock.

He followed that up with an armbar attempt – that was successful but didn’t get the tap regardless. Hill found himself trapped in a triangle armbar, and with his arm possibly dislocated, Craig had opted to pursue finish via triangle effectively landing elbows from the bottom and producing unsettling video of the injured arm dangling.

Hill’s broken arm was just dangling like it was boneless. Not to mention that the action still continued with that condition.

One fan uploaded the clip to Twitter and people were jumping in the comment section to recall how nasty the broken arm was.

Craig and Hill had several alterations leading up to their showdown. They also had an intense stare down. However, even after the brutal finish, the two of them showed great sportsmanship and were even partying together following their crazy match.

Since then, Hill has defeated 3 opponents – all of them via knockout. The last one was Thiago Santos when they competed at UFC Vegas 59 back in August.