Stop Asian Hate? Nate Diaz called out for using a racist term to describe Li Jingliang

Li Jingliang was once the man behind one of the most vicious eye gouges in UFC history but he’s come out of UFC 279 as admired. Jingliang accepted the match up with an opponent 10lbs heavier on a day’s notice – and was subsequently robbed by the judges.

Not to mention that he invested in an epic tailored suit that he didn’t even get to show off due to the fact that Holland, Chimaev and Diaz teams were all behind a backstage incident that prompted the cancellation of the press conference.

Nate Diaz addressed the injustice ‘Leech’ Jingliang suffered during the press conference after UFC 279.

Nate Diaz: “They didn’t want to let me fight Chung Li. That motherf–ker had the dopest suit…”
Marc Raimondi: “I think his name is Li Jingliang.”
Diaz: “I didn’t mean to do that to him. Did you see the suit?!… They should have shown him love”


An Asian member of the MMA media took umbrage with Diaz’ term and posted subsequently.

‘Nate Diaz really called Li Jingliang “Chung Li” during the press conference. You think that shit is funny? Diaz is from Cali, Stockton in particular. Where Asians are very prominent. He should know better.’

While Ko has a valid point – we’re also taking account that it’s Nate Diaz. Besides a lifetime of MMA he’s never been the most capable speech giver exactly.

Plus he already apologized for it so at the very least he acknowledged his mistake and had no ill will toward Leech.