Steven Seagal visits a Russian held prison in Ukraine

Steven Seagal, a famous actor and mixed martial artist, recently visited Ukraine. His visit was advertised as “to change the perception about Ukraine War” all over the media.

Seagal has been given a Russian citizenship in 2016. He visited Olenivka prison, where 50 Ukraine prisoners were killed in July in a bombing.

A video of the former action hero standing amid the ruins of the prison was published by a Russian site on Tuesday. Seagal’s visit was reported on by a number of outlets including TMZ and was trending on twitter.

“It definitely looks like a rocket,” Seagal is reported to have said. “If you look at the burning and other details, of course it’s not a bomb. Not to mention the fact that Russia really has a lot of artifacts from HIMARS. This is where HIMARS hit, 50 people were killed, another 70 were injured.”

Seagal is known for his support of Russia. He notably showed support for Russia ever since they annexed Crimea.

Seagal was banned from visiting Ukraine for six years in 2017 after he received his Russian Passport from Putin. Steven has also praised Putin for being “one of the greatest world leaders, if not the greatest world leader, alive today.”

Ukraine and Russia both blamed each other for the incident. Outlets reported,
“Media representatives from France, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Nicaragua, North Korea got acquainted with the evidence that the strike was carried out by Ukrainian militants and from HIMARS, and also saw with their own eyes all the destruction at the site of this barbaric shelling.”

Seagal’s visit occurred when the International Committee of the Red Cross was still investigating the matter and banned any entry to the area. Russia blamed the U.S. for providing aid to Ukraine in July’s attack.

Seagal has a particularly high profile day today because one of his old foes passed away – Gene Lebell, legendary judoka who once choked out Seagal to teach him a lesson passed away last night.

Seagal was a huge start in the 80s and 90s but was since in a series of controversies that have distanced him from Hollywood. Nowadays he releases a lot of straight to dvd movies but he hasn’t released any since the pandemic started. He has two projects in the works.